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 The vehicle named 'Schwarzer' is a unique vehicle in the world not commercialized. This vehicle is a vehicle that the tuning company 'Abflug Co.' in Shizuoka Prefecture Gotenba City produced. The main order for this project was A.Tamura, and the Abflug M.Uwabo president took charge of design CG, and modeling was done by M.Takahashi who is the mechanic of active service JGTC.
 Beginning the project was October, 2009. Years of 15 months were spent, and a full, complete body was designed. The base of this vehicle is made of TOYOTA Supra JZA80. The vehicle designed for about as many as 20 years ago was remade, and it aimed at the design that surpassed a modern sports car. As the design concept, it is a Europe high-level sports car. The favor of owner (A.Tamura) who loved Ferrari has been included in the design since the boyhood.
 'Schwarzer' that is the vehicle name has the meaning of black in German. This name was decided in December, 2009. The reason to name the name of black is owner's relations to the black, and the thing to seek feeling of luxury.
 The tuning car has various colors. To emphasize the tuning with feeling of luxury like not a childish tuning but the adult, the black is chosen. The owner loved KITT of Knight Rider from childhood. The yearning to a black sports car was strong. The owner owns black JZA80 for ten years.

Engine: type 2jz-gte vvt-i
Total displacement: 2,999 cc
Cylinders: 6
Number of valves: 24 valves
Compression: 7:1
Fuel: High octane gasoline
Length: 4,520 mm
Width: 2,060 mm
Height: 1,195 mm
Wheelbase: 2,550 mm
Total weight: 1,390 kg
Maximum power: 612 ps / 4880rmp
Maximum torque: 88kg / 4460rpm
Maximum speed: 313km/h (196mph)
0-400m time: 11.3sec
Abflug one & only intercooler
Abflug one & only 4tails titanium muffler
Advance black alternater
Apex air cleaner
Carbon wind leader board
Compressor housing buff processing
Cylinder brock black heat-resistant paint
Earls fuel line
Engine room all paint (black)
Hks camshaft in=264[deg] ex=264[deg]
Hks campulley ex
Hks engine oil (jz-g 10w/50)
Hks evc6
Hks f-con v pro
Hks f-con v pro harness
Hks fuel pump
Hks fuel pump harness kit
Hks oilcooler kit
Hks racing plug
Hks valcon (wide use)
Hks valcon adapter
Hks valcon harness
I mec carbon style head cover
Intake manifold buff processing
Optima batteries red top
PentRoof air flowless racing suction
PentRoof f-con v-pro special setting
PentRoof front pipe
PentRoof heat insulation plate
PentRoof lower water pipe
PentRoof upper water bypass kit
PentRoof turbine in hose
PentRoof v-cam data setting
PentRoof waistgate pipe
Sard 800cc injector
Sard fuel delivery pipe
Sard fuel regulator
Sard metal catalyzer
Sard oil catch tank (buff processing)
Sard racing aluminum radiator
Surgetank Assembly buff processing
Tappet cover buff processing
Trd engine mount
Trust exhaust manifold
Trust blowoff valve type-r
Trust heat insulator
Trust super thermostat cloth
Trust thermostat bandage
Trust t78-33d turbine
Trust waistgate Spring

Abflug g.a.emblem
Abflug order made gullwing
Aero mirror
Barge board
Cooling hood
Door panel
Ferrari side marker (smoke)
Fill opening
Front bumper
Front fender
Front led winker
Head light kit
Ipf led taillight
Rear fender
Rear gate
Rear bumper
Rear under diffuser
Rear under spoiler
Schwarzer emblem
Side skirt
Xpel paint protection film
Abflug Ital Spirit 325φ
Abflug shift boots
Abflug shift Knob
Abflug side brake boots
Bride stradia japan schwarzer special 2seat
Clarion crasvia nx810
Defi-link system ii
Defi sports v.s.d.
Esprit full carbon cockpit panel
Greddy piller meter panel
Hks turbo timer
K's white meter type l
Midyear rear leather seat
S2 jza80 room mirror cover

Abflug european taste suspension kid
Abflug ecs & roberuta cup shock absorber
Abflug ecs spring
Endless racing6 & racing4 brake kit
Getrag manual transmission v161 6mt
Hks reinforced clutch
Trd l.s.d.
Abflug alignment side slip adjust
Cusco carbon tower bar (front)
Ikeya formula camber correction kid
Mr-s pure pulling hook
Wide tread spacer
Yokohama advan sports (front:245/35 zr19 rear:295/30 zr19) for summer
Bridgestone potenza (front:245/35 zr19 rear:295/30 zr19) for Spare
Abflug prism ii schwarzer special (front : 9j-19 offset-27 rear : 10j-19 offset-40) for summer
Racing hart type cx silver (front : 9j-19 offset-29 rear : 10j-19 offset-42) for Spare

Clarion cc-2018a-a
Clarion cc-2016a-a
Clarion srt1700
Clarion srt1755s
H.I.D. system 9006j(hb3) 10000k (fog,low,hi)
Denso etc diu-9200
Ferrari horn
Security system

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